To War Against Papists!

Samuel Miller raises a call to arms against the onslaught of Popery which, in his day, was beginning to increase and multiply. So much ground has been lost since then!

The Terrors of Hell

It is because God Himself will be the fire in hell that words cannot possibly express the terrors of the damned in hell.

The Lion Roars: Thoughts on COVID-19

Dr. Joseph Pipa explains how God is using the novel coronavirus to proclaim His holy judgment and chasten His people, and offers 6 suggestions regarding our appropriate response.

Tim Challies Compromising on Gay Christians

Tim Challies answers the question: What does biblical repentance look like for someone who identifies themselves as a "gay Christian" (i.e., someone with same-sex attraction)?

Ministerial Thieves

Thousands have invaded the pastoral office in an unauthorized manner, to fleece sheep rather than feed them, robbing Christ of His honor and starving His people.


This powerfully deceptive system of interpreting the Scriptures was invented in the 1830s and is now embraced virtually everywhere. This evil teaching will permanently change how you read the Bible.

Personal Holiness

Many wrongly believe they are bound for heaven who demonstrate little or no concern for personal holiness. These people are sorely deluded, for the evidence of true, saving faith is a holy life.

Godly Companions

Faithfulness to God, obedience to His Word, keeping His precepts, companying only with those who do so, turning away from everybody else, has always involved a lonely path.

On the Right Use of the Law

Ignorance of the nature and design of the law lies at the root of most religious mistakes. A proper understanding of its distinction, connection, and harmony with the gospel is critical.

Christianity is a Religion

The popular mantra that Christianity "is not a religion, but a relationship" is illogical, unhistorical, dangerous, and foolish. Christianity is definitely a religion—the one true religion.

A Call to Separation

The days in which we are living are marked by the spirit of compromise. On every side we behold unholy mixtures, ungodly alliances, unequal yokes.

I Love the Lord's Day

We may boldly say that that man does not love the Lord Jesus Christ who does not love the entire Lord's day.

The End of Time

Are you prepared to part with your friends, to leave all your temporal possessions…to enter the world of spirits, the eternal world, to have the stamp of eternity placed upon your characters?

Pictures of Christ

To use a likeness of Christ as an aid to worship is forbidden by the second commandment as much in His case as in that of the Father and Holy Spirit.