A Spiritual Disciplines Inventory
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What is a spiritual inventory?

While all spiritual disciplines position a Christian to experience Christ’s transforming power, some disciplines address various circumstances best. The Spiritual Disciplines Inventory is designed to assist you in customizing a spiritual formation plan to best address the specific needs of your current life situation.

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Your personalized report will familiarize you with spiritual disciplines that are most likely to help you connect with God at this time in your life, uncover possible areas of spiritual neglect or deficiency, offer specific suggestions to position you before God for transformation, and generate a personalized reading list to further explore your own spiritual formation.


As an individual taking the Inventory, you will remain anonymous. We only ask for a few basic pieces of demographic information (i.e. ethnicity, gender, denomination) in order to further improve the Inventory as well as provide group statistics to pastors to aid in their messaging.

You are not required to create an account, sign up or even provide your email address to take the Inventory. After submitting your completed Inventory, the Results page will allow you to bookmark the report for later viewing, download a PDF or email the results to yourself or a trusted helper.

If you have any questions about the confidentiality of taking our Inventory, please contact us.

About Us

The Spiritual Disciplines Inventory was designed by Dr. Matthew Lewis in 2005 out of a passion to revitalize pastors. In his two decade long work with Christian leaders Dr. Lewis found that many in the ministry benefited greatly from just a little bit of help customizing their devotional life.

Dr. Matthew Lewis teaches in the areas of self-care, adult discipleship, and leadership at Ashland Theological Seminary as Assistant Professor of Practical Theology. He also serves as Director for Excellence in Leadership at the Sandberg Leadership Center where he runs various continuing education offerings of the seminary including Pastors of Excellence, a year-long program to revitalize pastors.